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will achieve greater prestige, it will grow positively and noticeably online.









Don't take the criticism the wrong way, I'm telling you what I think, I may be confused naturally, but my intention is to help and not touch the balls. REPLY comment-avatar sebastian 7 years old Hello, I know it doesn't have much to do with it, but I wanted to share this article because I think it must be one of my best articles, you should immerse yourself in the story.ope the admin of this blog reads it and you do too, thank you very much.REPLY comment-avatar Edgar 7 years old I have an average of 100 daily visits to my website, on one day I generated $2.5 but other days $0.1 or there are times $0.0, what is the reason? REPLY comment-avatar sebastian 7 years old There are many variables but the most likely are the following: they have clicked on your ads, the second is that they were only impressions and the last is that right now Google is launching low-performing ads or low-cost auctions, you will have to wait until mid February when advertisers have already seen their annual results and create a new marketing strategy. REPLY comment-avatar Teofilo Ruiz 7 years old Advertising income may not be something easy to add, but with views on the web depending on where your advertising is located,

REPLY comment-avatar seo packages 6 years The Internet Phone Number Listis a useful function today, but being able to certify advertising on your website is a brilliant idea to be your best-known website. REPLY comment-avatar GdPM 6 years Quite discouraging figures, although the more specialized a blog is, the more money you can earn with each impression (at the same time, it is also more difficult to reach a high number of impressions with a very closed theme...) I hope to one day reach several hundred euros with my blog! REPLY comment-avatar Carlos 4 months Hello, it's been 6 years, how have you been? REPLY comment-avatar mercaditoplus 6 years I will have to work harder so that my website generates more profits. REPLY comment-avatar Study 27 6 years I think it all depends on whether the theme of the ads has to do with that of the website, if so the percentage would increase.

I thought there could be more benefits. But taking 150 euros is very little. REPLY comment-avatar Manu s 6 years That's why you have to sell products instead of implementing Adsense! REPLY comment-avatar Federico 6 years Hello, can adsense and referral advertising be placed on the same site or page? Or do they only allow you one option? Thank you REPLY comment-avatar Chema, from Ibidem Group 6 years The best way to multiply those numbers is to translate the blog into another language. That can boost your sales up to 200% with little effort. You have to do it judiciously, of course. 1. The first thing is to choose the language (market). Obviously, a priori, Spanish or English are the 2 languages ​​with the most potential online clients, but there are niches in which it could be interesting to attack other markets, For example a jewelry or luxury villa blog, the Russian, Chinese or other markets could be interested. Japanese. The topic has already been discussed.

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