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What is the 1x2 Handicap Bet? Expert Tips for Accurate 1x2 Betting










The 1x2 Handicap bet is one of the primary betting options available at most bookmakers nowadays. Compared to Asian Handicap betting, 1x2 betting is relatively straightforward, making it suitable for beginners who are just getting into sports betting. So, what is the 1x2 Handicap bet? How do you place bets, and what are the tips for successful 1x2 betting? All these questions will be answered by Wintips' experts in the following article.

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What is the 1x2 Handicap bet?
The 1x2 Handicap bet is also commonly known as the match result bet. It is a prevalent odds format used by bookmakers to determine the strengths of the two teams. Some other popular types of football bets include Asian Handicap and Over/Under betting.
In the 1x2 Handicap bet, there are three primary betting options: Win-Draw-Lose. Players can place their bets based on their favorite team, but the best approach is to rely on the odds to make an informed decision. Therefore, the 1x2 Handicap bet offers three betting options, with a winning probability of 33.3% for each option. This is fewer options compared to the Asian Handicap, which has nine betting options.
Although there are only three betting options, you'll notice that the odds provided by bookmakers are not easy to beat. Each option has similarities, making it challenging for you to make an absolutely certain decision.

How to read 1x2 Handicap odds simply and in detail
To understand how to read 1x2 Handicap odds, you need to familiarize yourself with the symbols used by bookmakers in the odds chart:
1: Represents the home team or the upper team.
2: Represents the away team or the lower team.
X: Represents a draw or a tie.
FT.1X2: Full-time 1x2 Handicap bet.
1H.1X2: Half-time 1x2 Handicap bet.

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Expert tips for analyzing 1x2 Handicap bets
Many players are interested in factors such as penalties, the number of goals scored, red and yellow cards. However, when participating in 1x2 Handicap betting, these factors are entirely irrelevant. Let's explore some expert tips for accurate 1x2 Handicap betting:

Analyze the match before the game
As an experienced bettor, you probably already know the role of match analysis in betting. Analyzing matches helps players gain an advantage in choosing the right bet. You can understand which team is superior through match analysis, thereby selecting the correct bet to increase your chances of winning.
Match analysis is truly effective when the bettor focuses on the essential aspects and the specific bet type. Avoid vague and irrelevant information when analyzing. For 1x2 Handicap betting, you need to grasp the difference in strength between the two teams and their respective win rates. This evaluation will help you determine which team is stronger and which team is weaker, leading to a more accurate betting choice.

Keep an eye on odds from reputable bookmakers
If you encounter difficulties while analyzing bets, you can observe the odds from reputable bookmakers to identify which team has an advantage. To determine which team is stronger, take a look at the Asian Handicap odds. If the handicap odds are higher, it means the upper team is more likely to win. Thus, when placing 1x2 Handicap bets, you have a solid basis to choose the upper team.

Avoid large bets if you lack experience
Even though 1x2 Handicap betting is not particularly challenging, having some experience is still beneficial. If you are a novice, it's best to start with small bets. Placing large bets without enough experience can lead to substantial losses. Betting with smaller amounts allows you to accumulate experience, save money, and even if you lose, the loss won't be too significant.

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These are all the detailed insights into the accurate and straightforward 1x2 Handicap betting. Wintips wishes you successful betting decisions and many rewarding prizes with attractive values!

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