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In regards to successful contest campaigns, follow these rules:









Another popular option exercised by larger companies are access to PDF downloadable resources for email sign-ups.

These are effective methods for securing new subscribers because it presents users with immense value for, what they perceive to be, a small trade-off. If you have the resources or are adept at pooling together secondary research sources or best curated practices into a large guide or study, you’ll see this method working overtime to secure you new users.

In addition to studies and guides, case studies are also valuable content to users. If you can compose a unique case study, which are easier said than done, promote it! Look for opportunities where you can create case studies in your day-to-day and take mental notes for future use.

Use Free Incentives
Although creating unique and high-quality content is one of the best ways to get more subscribers to your email list, it can be effective as well to offer a free incentive. The right incentive can greatly convert for you if you do it correctly.

The free offers can be anything – a free trial of a product, free access to your exclusive Belgium Email Listvideo, or even a free eBook with handy information. Make sure the incentive has value and try to get your relationship off to a good start, as it will increase the chances of finding a receptive audience for your next newsletter.

Use Competitions
competition prize basket
Creating a viral competition can help to dramatically increase your email lists. Start by creating a contest landing page where you can collect email sign-ups. Once participants are qualified, you can give them a referral code to use for promoting entries. All that’s left is to promote it.

select a prize that is relevant to your target niche.
the prize needs to be worthwhile in order to encourage participants to share as much as possible.
have a plan in place for following up with the losers to turn them from participants and entries into customers.
Content Upgrades
You may already have valuable content that is working to convert sign-ups; however, you’re looking for more. If that’s the case, you can upgrade your content by providing something a little extra in exchange for an email.

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