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5 effective tips when setting up Facebook ads









Unless you haven't been active in e-commerce for the past decade, you'd forget that Facebook has become a powerful and incredibly useful tool for marketing and branding. In fact, you can target and segment your audience to the most specific, detailed level like the color of the pants they were wearing on Tuesday – which will certainly give it an edge.

Below, Subiz would like to introduce 5 tips that you can use to set up Facebook ads – simple but really effective and quickly generate conversions.

Leverage the power of video
Over the past year, Facebook has made a big move, supporting balanced video with stills, opening up a new opportunity for your content to be viewed more without too much expense. Sure, there are still effective solutions for stills to grab users' attention, but Facebook hasn't made them on the top-priority list yet.

Video is currently a very good form of engagement on Facebook
Video is currently a very good form of engagement on Facebook

Instead, you should entice potential customers with a series of short videos, no longer than 25 seconds, illustrating their product, service or problem-solving capabilities. Be sure to use thumbnail images that attract attention and encourage users to watch the video.

Install two Facebook pixel codes
Facebook provides conversion data for some typical ad types, such as on-page conversion rates and ad clicks, but doesn't yet provide detailed video view statistics. To collect this data, you must install Facebook's conversion tracking code on your website, especially on the store or checkout. This sounds complicated, but it's quite simple.

Using Pixels
Use Pixels to get more useful information about user engagement on the site

First, you just need to log in to Facebook ads manager → Tools → Pixel → generate a custom snippet, in this case to check the payment amount, and then install it on the website. Most e-commerce website systems in the Setup section will have a place to install a fairly simple Pixel code (such as the Header / Footer tag in the Wordpres platform). Once done, Facebook Job Function Email List will have a report when someone has made a purchase – as well as other useful information about user engagement on the site.

You should also create and install a Facebook Audience pixel code that allows you to target users who have taken a similar purchase action on your page. The steps are the same as above, but will be to select “Lookalike Audience” in the “Custom Audience” option at the first cluster when creating an ad.

Create custom links
To gauge how well your ads are doing, you'll need to find the best solution to track alongside Facebook reporting in your ads manager. Before you begin, double check that the Google Analytics settings on your site are working. Next, use the URL Builder and create a custom URL according to the instructions for each ad → collapse with for user-friendliness if necessary. This will allow you to better understand as well as evaluate in detail the performance of each ad model, user actions when entering your website.

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