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This is so because, although there are only two gametes –spermatozoa and oocytes–, at the gonadal, genital, hormonal and organismic level, the body arrangements go beyond the binary. We now know, for example, that the type of gamete produced does not determine the type of morphology and that, although it is rare, we can find people with non-binary body arrangements who are now called intersex . The intersex movement has not tired of pointing out this fact and has sought to make it clear that binary thinking is not the verification of a fact, but rather a kind of already falsified assumption that unfortunately still organizes the world and leads to binarizing surgeries that violate autonomy. body of intersex people.

Here, both the intersex movement and trans activism agree that conferring a gender –or assigning a sex– is something that is not done by appealing to obvious biological truths free of interpretation. Using one or the other criteria implies advancing on a certain conception of what sex is and, even more, of how a sexed body is inhabited. Both intersex C Level Contact List  trans people agree that the second cannot be mechanically derived from the first, that is, how we inhabit a sexed-gendered body is something that is not trivially anchored in anatomy. Feminist philosophers such as Donna Haraway added to this argument a historical reflection that made it clear that the idea that we are dealing with two radically different sexes is rather late – born at the end of the 18th century – and that for many centuries we understood the sexes as part of a passable continuum.

It seems that today the pendulum of sexual thought is once again coming closer to this model of sex. On the other hand, the rise of post- and decolonial philosophies has led to the recognition that different cultures understand and base the categories of man and woman (or other gender arrangements) in very varied ways. Our society, influenced as it is by the hegemony of the sciences, has a biologistic and functionalist understanding of both sex and gender, as can be seen in the rise of the anti-rights New Right that sees gender as emanating from sex and that sex it is a kind of unquestionable truth.

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