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Create and customize your pieces. In your instant material design, you can use elements such as: button, carousel advertising, photo, text, film, store locator, heading, set of products from the catalogue. Remember that this advertising format allows you to link to a website, but you will also find an interesting option such as directing to another instant material. This approach will allow us to create a very extensive rich media advertisement. harbingers offer Preparing an Instant Ad for Facebook –  best practices Preparing an Instant Ad for Facebook is not the most difficult task,

but if you want to create more exciting multimedia content, it is worth considering building a narrative about your brand and product. To do this: Choose the first element of your canvas Middle East Mobile Number List wisely - the first impression has a big impact on your audience. It determines whether they will interact with your ad. So choose a video or graphic that is interesting to your target group - these elements should attract the recipients' attention and make them want to learn more. Focus on a single image - when viewing your ad, the recipient should be able to indicate its main message or goal - it may be building brand recognition, acquiring new customers, etc.

Use high-quality photos and videos - visual elements are crucial for effective advertising, they build interest and engagement. Good practices say not to use low-quality, deformatted stock photos. Also remember that videos maintain engagement longer than static images  and Facebook's algorithm likes them more. Create an advertising path , i.e. guide the recipient so that they know exactly what and how to do when watching the ad. In practice, you can let it move the media content of the canvas up and down, left and right, zoom in or out, and perform other actions. It is important that the recipient, when interacting with the advertisement, knows what moves he or she can make. Keep your ad fresh and change it regularly - many companies fall into the trap of using the same instant .

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