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You’ll still need a staff member on your team










example, maybe hired five engineers duringdevelopment. But now you just need two or three. Your team will still becomprised of engineers, a QA professional, DevOps, a designer, project manager,etc. These post-launch development costs must be taken into consideration andplanned for ahead of time. Hidden Cost #2: Hosting Expenses You must anticipatehosting costs in your initial budget. These costs are incurred from hosting theservers for your software. You’ll have email servers, push notificationservers, analytics servers, integration servers, and other servers depending onthe type of app you’re developing. Most likely, you’re dealing with a companythat delivers you a product or SaaS that you’ll pay a monthly fee for. Oryou’re hosting the software
somewhere in the cloud with a company like AmazonWeb Services. There will be a monthly fee for this type of hosting as well. Notonly will you incur these expenses post-launch, but the costs will rise as your  Japan WhatsApp Number List company scales. It’s very important that you prepare for this from a budgetstandpoint. There will be ongoing hosting costs to maintain those hosts. Ifyour servers are hosted in the cloud, to deal with those servers. This brings us back to our first point aboutneeding to continue paying your staff. Hidden Cost #3: Maintenance Before yourlaunch, I’m sure you’ve gone through the technology to make sure thateverything was working properly. All the bugs were found, fixed, and you’redone—right? That’s not

necessarily true, especially in the mobile appspace. While you might have fixed the bugs for certain devices or specificoperating systems, devices evolve over time. When this happens, your technologyor application could regress. Take a look at the average cost to maintain anapp in the first year after launch. Some of you probably know why softwaredevelopment is expensive. But why is it so costly to maintain? What arecompanies spending $10k-$25k+ per year on? As new demands come from Apple orGoogle, your compliance levels might downgrade. New legislation comes intoeffect for the quality of your app, the security of your app, or the privacy ofyour app. All of these things could change. I’m referring to things like: GDPRcompliance in Europe CCPA

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