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Type 4 Analog content









Content that is actually viewed or listened to without going through the Internet is called analog content.[Example of analog content]paper bookCDartist liveAs mentioned above, since the content physically exists, there are cases where it deteriorates or where it can be provided is limited. Therefore, the current situation is that digital content is replacing paper books with e-books and CDs with music distribution services.

However, one of the strengths of analog content is that phone number list you can directly feel the energy of the venue, such as artist live performances and offline seminars. Please be aware that each content has its own characteristics, both digital and analog.11 types of content that can be used for marketingHere we introduce the types of content. There are two main purposes for companies to develop content: ``recognition/attracting customers'' and ``nurturing.''Recognition/attracting customers        nurturingarticleSNSmoviepress releaseaudio contentcartoon contentbooksLPe-mail magazineWebinar/Seminarwhite paperContent marketing is the process of creating a system for making products and brands known and selling them by disseminating information.

Suitable content will vary depending on the target audience and purpose. In order to choose the appropriate content, it is important to understand the characteristics of each.Type 1 ArticleThe first article we will introduce is text-based content that is published on owned media , blogs, etc.There are many variations of the article. Broadly speaking, they can be divided into ``stock type,'' which continues to respond to users' interests and concerns, and ``flow type,'' which emphasizes current events and information freshness.

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