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good way to challenge yourself to create content thatengages. Use Social Media to Drive Leads & Revenue There's a hugeopportunity to grow your brand and customer base using social media marketing.Our short Social Media Marketing track will teach you how to gain customersusing social media, how to design social content, brand storytelling and theimportance of customer experience, and how to build social communities. Sign uptoday. 4 lessons digital marketers can take from Taylor Swift’s

marketing genius ArticlesDigital StrategyNews Written by DanHughes Taylor Dominican Republic Telemarketing Data  Swift is a household name and a powerhouse in the pop worldtoday. In addition to her incredible singing, songwriting, and performingtalents, Swift is a marketing genius who embraces the power of emerging digitaltechnologies. Yes, you read that correctly: Taylor Swift is a marketing genius.As one of the planet’s most prolific social media influencers, Taylor Swift hasbuilt a personal brand that has led to global domination since

bursting onto the scene with her first album in 2006, whenshe was just 14. A consistent award-winner (including 11 Grammys) her musicaltalent ranges across genres, and audiences, and her 2023 re-release of heralbum ‘Speak Now’ (Taylor’s Version) broke a host of sales records. Indeed,such is her power, that in July 2023 her fans (known as Swifties) caused aseismic event at a concert in Seattle, while global media has covered howmillions of fans

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