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How Does the Financial Industry Conduct Data-driven Operations?









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Zhongyuan Bank has done a lot of exploration in data in recent years: In December 2016, Zhongyuan Bank completed the launch of the first phase of the big data project; in May 2017, the bank-wide data mart reconstruction and migration was completed; in July 2017, the self-service analysis based on the new data platform was launched; In October 2017, started to use external data platform and historical data platform; In December 2017, officially cooperated with Sensors Data to access the real-time behavior analysis platform; In May 2018, Zhongyuan Bank completed two new projects - data mining analysis and the launch of a one-stop data subscription platform.

In June 2018, Zhongyuan Bank launched a batch of new T+0 data marts. Personally, I believe that the banking industry has passed the stage of reporting to BI, and the next stage of development Phone Number List is likely to be scenario-based, such as real-time behavior analysis, T+0 OLAP system, and T+0 is an inevitable trend, and warehouses may be in a few years. It becomes T+0, and it is difficult for anyone to accept the scenario of T+1. Note: T+0 is a securities (or futures) trading system. Any transaction system that completes the securities (or futures) and price clearing and delivery procedures on the day of the securities (or futures) transaction is called T+0 transaction. T+1 is a stock trading system, that is, stocks bought on the day cannot be sold until the next trading day.

Refers to the transaction registration date, and "T+1" refers to the day following the registration date. 2. Platform construction goals and ideas Zhongyuan Bank has raised the big data governance and application construction to the strategic level of the whole bank, and has formulated a technology innovation-oriented, adhering to the concept of independent control, open sharing, and building a unified, complete, convenient, efficient, intelligent and safe big data technology system. , the goal of providing full-process, one-stop, intelligent data services. It is worth emphasizing that the goal of Zhongyuan Bank has always been not to be a system, but to provide a service.

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