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Franck Annese: the Association – Podcast the Livementor Method









For the third episode of The LiveMentor Method podcast , I welcome Franck Annese, the boss of So Press , an independent media group whose Society, So Foot or SoFilm magazines you surely know, to name but a few! spotify-logodeezer-logo Transcript of the episode at the end of the article Together, we talked about a thorny subject: the question of the team . How to find one or more associates? How to avoid making a mistake in your choice? And above all , how to make your association last  ? All entrepreneurs face these issues at some point. Some sometimes choose their partners for the wrong reasons, for example by fear of loneliness or by seeking support in this adventure.

This is why it is essential to test your association before filing the articles of association  : you can start by working for 3 to 6 months with your potential partner to see how the relationship is going on a daily basis. Franck is Mobile Phone Number an example in this area since he has been running SoPress with his two partners for 17 years. In almost 20 years of working together, they have never had any friction or tension. Impressive ! Especially since they launched their first paper magazine in 2003 in a context of crisis for the press. Year after year, this “trouple”, as Franck says, has been able to build a resilient and diversified business.

Today, So Press also has an activity of production of advertisements, clips, documentaries for major media, a music label (Vietnam), a publishing house, an advertising agency (H3), a production company of films (So Films), a structure for events (Doli Events) and many other things! Controlled and sustainable growth over the long term. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL SEE CONCRETELY: on what criteria to choose your partners Mistakes not to make in recruiting a team on what is a good and lasting association based? And you, are you alone or with a partner? If so, how did you find it? Do not hesitate to share your experience with us in the comments, it can help others not to make a mistake in this crucial choice! And if the episode has you more, don't forget to share it.

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