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The importance of taking notes









All those people who decide to spend their money on the products you design expect the best and it is your responsibility to ensure that their expectations are met without thinking only of the aesthetic aspect but also of the final result in the short and long term. Tips for turning your designs into products you can sell 8 Vinyl stickers made from an illustration by Mike Sandoval Mike Sandoval teaches the Illustration From Idea to Conceptualization course in which he teaches you the creative process to create illustrations from simple ideas. You may also like Practical exercise drawing in negative by hand. How to choose references to inspire the design of your characters.

Illustrated portraits spectacular photomontages or character creation are some of the things that it allows you to do Beyond simple photo retouching Adobe Photoshop offers endless possibilities that are almost impossible to cover at a single glance. In this collection of timelapses you can however discover some of the most incredible utilities of the quintessential photo background removing design and retouching program preferred by most professional illustrators and photocomposers. Drawing Grimes with Felixantos felixantos Starting from a photograph of the singer and working from the blank canvas the illustrator Felixantos shows us the complete process to draw a character from real life.

Starting with the main lines then adding color and adding light and shadow using the tools Photoshop offers he completes a cartoontinged portrait that brings out Grimes most striking features. Illustrating LGTBIQ Pride with Juan Dellacha jpdellacha On the occasion of the LGTBIQ Pride celebration Juan Dellacha carried out this work that talks about inclusion. The Argentine illustrator starts in this timelapse from a sketch previously made by him. From this first idea made on paper he begins to add color and textures with the different options offered by Adobe Photoshop.

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