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Photography books acquire a growing prominence because as I investigate and meet new old authors. I am fascinated by knowing the work of the masters who have preceded us and discovering authors. I tend to carefully review my list of relevant photographers which can be consulted at this link and when I go to the bookstore I already have a particular author in my sights. For some time now the books that call me the most are those of reflection because in addition they serve as a bibliography and theoretical apparatus for my articles and presentations.

The trip to the bookstore In these days before Easter I have e-commerce photo editing turned to my closest bookstores and I want to share some findings with you return to origin Sometimes it's easy to disregard introductory books especially when you've been in photography for some time. However in them I usually find wellexplained concepts that are useful for my classes or that are an excellent review. I often come across Libsa titles in bookstores. Its photographic catalog includes How to take good photographs Questions and answers in photography or A practical guide to mm photography. The digital camera how to take good photos and Black and white photography.

Most are books oriented to analog photography and not very new editions. The good news is that the content is in general good and the prices are really very attractive. The concepts they contain are perfectly applicable to digital photography and it seems to me that they are texts that should not be dismissed so lightly. The Libsa title I just bought is called somewhat pompously Roger Hicks' Grand Atlas of Photography. It is not a novel book but it perfectly meets the expectations of anyone interested in entering photography for the first time. On the shelf of photo books I spotted The Complete Photographer by Tom Ang and edited by Blume.

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