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Let's see if now we are able to achieve both things... " In this sense, he acknowledged that the defeat suffered in Anaitasuna last Sunday 'hurt' the team more because of the way the match developed: " Well, it is possible, but I also tell you that I prefer to have the sensations that we had for many years." minutes in Pamplona in which we dominated the rival playing very good basketball, while in Cáceres we did not dominate and we never led on the scoreboard. I think that against Navarra we had very similar feelings to those at the beginning of the season when away from home we were able to play several good games. Recovering those sensations has been important, so now we have to try to continue having them more often .” Focusing now on the clash against Adepal Alcázar, and when asked if it was an important match because it was the only one that the team will play at home during the month of January, the coach of the La Palma team pointed out that “ yes and no… This team He has shown that he is capable of playing well and badly both at home and away, and against rivals from above, from the middle and below.

Obviously, we all want to play at home again after several days on tour, so let's see if on Friday we are able to play a game as good as the last one we had at home against Huesca. I continue to say that in the last three or four games the good feelings have been greater than the bad, so we must be calm in that aspect . Carlos Frade did not give excessive importance to the fact that it is a 'direct rival' in the fight for permanence: “ It is clear that Adepal has been a direct rival since the beginning of the season, although deep down it is still a game. just as important as Phone Number List  everyone else, since at this point in the league, where there is so much equality, the important thing is to do well against any opponent to continue improving and reaffirming our game, which is the main thing, while the result of the match It must be the consequence of all this .” Going fully into the analysis of the rival, he stated that Adepal “ is a team that has improved like everyone else, so now they are more solid in all aspects, they have more variants in their game and the signings they have made in the middle of the season They have given you other options.

They are still a very veteran team, with a lot of experience and 'know how to be', while we are just the opposite, so it is going to be complicated in that sense, since they have many more hours of flight on the field, but we will try to That is not noticeable and they are not capable of playing a good game .” Likewise, he highlighted that his biggest concern will be that “ they are not able to control the pace of the game as they want, since that makes them play very well on their strengths, especially the ability of several of their players to unbalance in the 1× 1. If they manage to play how they want and give the ball to their most decisive players in the position they want, then it will be impossible to beat them, that is clear, so we are going to try to make it not like that .” Asked about the individuals to take into account within the Alcarreño team, he indicated that " we know that they have players capable of unbalancing a game, and in fact some have been doing it for many years, such as Ward, Wachsmann, Virgil, Alonso or even Danny Brown, who It has arrived recently, but I hope that our team play is capable of counteracting the individual quality they have in their squad, which, as I already said, is very high .

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