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Daido Moriyama was born in Osaka in









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These two facts caused this photographer to be little known in the West. Yutaka Takanashi Yutaka Takanashi was born in in Tokyo. He got his start in photography at Osamu Yagis studio. In he won the grand prize for photography at the th Biennial of Young Artists in Paris. yutakatakanashi Takanashi carried out from his beginnings a commercial work although he always had the city as a central theme. yutakatakanashi Yutaka Takanashi has always photographed the city up close far away from a moving car sometimes with images charged with poetry others scratching reality. As he often repeats poetry and realism mirrors and windows the visible and the invisible are confronted in his work.
Takanashi came to Nakahiras attention around with his e-commerce photo editing photographs in the Tokyojin Tokyo People series published in Camera Mainichi magazine. Takuma was then the editor of Gendai no me and was immediately impressed with Takanashis photos. He immediately invited him to join Okada and Taki in founding Provoke magazine. SensojiTemple Taitoku August But Takanashi had a different style than Nakahira or Moriyama. Yutaka appealed to a more realistic image …although it still contains its own elements of subversion… He did not appeal to the sweep as much.

He uses the city as a means to reflect on Japans transition from rural to urban while reflecting on a modernized nation but one that has inevitably lost centuries of traditions. In his style he tends to isolate people whether individually large groups and small collectivities . yutakatakanashi Takanashi taught photography at Tokyo Zokei University from to. The son of an insurance salesman he eventually became a designer. For reasons of his professional work one day he came to Takeji Iwamiyas photographic studio. The rhythm and work with the camera immediately captivated him. Over time I got used to the atmosphere of the studio and started visiting it without any work excuse.

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