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Guide To Play Penalty Easy Win in Football Betting










Penalty betting is considered the 'last-minute scoop' opportunity for seasoned players. However, due to its infrequent occurrence, many bettors still don't fully understand how to place bets on it. Let's delve into what penalty betting entails.
To grasp information about this type of bet, players must first understand penalty shootouts. These are the series of penalty kicks from the 11-meter mark in matches that require direct elimination (play-offs, quarter-finals, semi-finals, finals).
They occur when after the official 90 minutes of play plus extra time, both teams remain level without a clear winner. This shootout determines the winning team of the match.

Concept of Penalty Betting
Penalty betting refers to the bets set by bookmakers for this shootout. The betting aspect involves using statistics such as the number of kicks, successful attempts, the team winning in the penalty shootout, etc., to establish various betting options. This is considered the ultimate football betting opportunity in matches and is seen as a 'last-minute scoop' by many players.
Betting Methods
The betting methods at fixed soccer tips are diverse and present intriguing odds for potential wins. Therefore, if you're into football betting, don't overlook this fascinating betting style.

What are the forms of Penalty Betting?
As mentioned, penalty shootouts compile various betting types for the penalty kicks. Specifically, there are the following forms:
#1. Yes/No Bet
This type of bet is established at the beginning of the match, particularly in knockout rounds. There are two possibilities:
Yes: Betting that the match will require penalty kicks to determine the winner.
No: Betting that the match won't require penalty kicks and the outcome will be decided within the official 90 minutes or extra time.
Players have two options, with a 50/50 chance of winning. However, this bet relies heavily on chance and doesn't offer substantial grounds for prediction because a momentary lapse from either team or a shining moment from a forward could alter the game's course.
#2. 1X2 Penalty Bet
In this type of bet, the focus is on the first 5 penalty kicks taken by both teams. The number of successful kicks from each team determines the odds, presenting three options:
Away/Home team win: The team with more successful kicks out of the first 5 attempts wins.
Draw: Both teams have an equal number of successful kicks in the initial 5 attempts.

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#3. Betting on Penalty Shootouts
This betting option doesn’t just consider the first 5 penalty kicks but factors in the final result—the team that wins the penalty shootout. There are only two betting options: the home team wins or the away team wins, which is equivalent to winning the entire match.
While it's still 50/50, compared to a Yes/No bet, the chances of winning are much higher because players have more basis for analysis. For instance, you can consider the goalkeeper’s form or the selection of players designated for penalty kicks.
#4. Handicap Betting on Penalty Shootouts
This also uses the number of goals scored in the first 5 penalty kicks to establish the odds. The bookmaker calculates which team is more likely to win in this round as the favored team and then offers a reasonable handicap for the other team. Usually, the Asian handicap is below 1 (0.5-0.75 or 1), and bettors have two options: the favored team wins or the underdog wins.
#5. Over/Under Betting on Penalty Shootouts
There are two Over/Under forms for the penalty shootout:
Over/Under on the total number of kicks: In the first 5 kicks, there could be a total of 10 kicks, but sometimes fewer kicks might be needed. Bookmakers often set the number at 7 or 8, and players predict whether it will reach the 5th kick or if 3.5-4 kicks are enough to determine the outcome.
Over/Under on the total goals: Also calculated in the first 5 kicks, this considers whether the total goals scored by both teams will be higher or lower than the bookmaker's set number.

Experience in Penalty Betting
To make the best betting decisions in penalty shootouts, consider the following factors:
Review previous matches where both teams settled penalties, how well players performed, and each team's goalkeeper's ability to block shots. Teams that have previously won shootouts tend to have more confidence, composure, and better finishing ability.
Goalkeeper’s ability: Goalkeepers are key in penalty shootouts, with their saves determining 50% of the winning chances. Check the history of penalty saves by both teams' goalkeepers. Additionally, assess their adaptability throughout the match. Typically, in a shootout, the underdog team often wins due to having a skilled goalkeeper.
Analyze secondary statistics in bets to assess both teams' capabilities. For instance, you can use betting tips 1x2 app to bet against the 1X2 odds, where the favored team’s chances of winning in the first 5 kicks might be as high as 70%.

These are relevant details about penalty betting, an intriguing and engaging form of betting. Add these insights to your existing knowledge for a successful last-minute win.

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