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12 Typography As it is a purely digital discipline it might









In the course Lettering and Illustration Composition techniques and application they explain how to combine letters with illustration making both disciplines coexist harmoniously in your designs. Lettering calligraphy and typography how do you like the letters 8 Lettering calligraphy and typography how do you like the letters 9 Calligraphy It is the art of writing the letter understood as a set of features that characterize writing such as the way of writing which is done in a single stroke. Iván Castro ivancastro is a true rockstar of calligraphy with a daring style that adorns his love for letters and has become one of the most recognized calligraphers and lyricists.

In the Calligraphy and RocknRoll course he teaches you to get down to work brush in hand to discover the possibilities and expressiveness of calligraphy learning to master the forms of written letters. According to Castro himself Calligraphy is like music not only do you have to play the notes well you also have to take care of the rhythm and silences. Lettering calligraphy photo background removing and typography how do you like the letters eleven Lettering calligraphy and typography how do you like the letters seem that it is somewhat disconnected from lettering and calligraphy but if we pay attention to the expressiveness of the letter we immediately realize that typography has an incredible power of communication.

Designing fonts is designing a set of letters numbers and signs that have common characteristics that have been created under the same style. Typography is painting with words. Paula Scher. Quique Ollervides quiqueollervides designer illustrator and typographer for brands such as Google Microsoft MTV Cartoon Network or Nike is one of the designers with the best handling of typography in the world and in his course Typography and Branding Design of a iconic logo teaches us how to design a typography from scratch making a logo based on typographic development.

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