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Guide To Play Corner Kick in Football Betting

Corner kick betting is a side bet in football betting. However, it can be said that this is an incredibly appealing and favored form of betting. So, how do you play corner kick betting? Let our experts from reputable bookmakers guide you through this article to find out.

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Corner Kick Betting in Football
A corner kick in football is an action where a player puts the ball back into play with their hands. Corner kicks occur when a player from the opposing team kicks the ball out along the sidelines. In football matches, corner kicks are a consistent occurrence.
To be optimistic, corner kick betting is an extremely interesting and captivating form of betting. It's highly unpredictable and based on chance. On a bookmaker's odds board, the odds for corner kick bets are determined by the bookmaker's analysis of the two teams. When playing corner kick bets, you can place bets for the first half or the entire match. Additionally, you can choose between pre-match bets or in-play (running ball) bets if you prefer.
Types of Corner Kick Bets
First Corner Kick Bet
In this type of bet, you need to accurately predict which team will be awarded the first corner kick in the match. This type of bet is quite risky, so the payout odds are generally balanced for both teams. You can learn how to interpret odds to understand the potential payout for the first corner kick bet.

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Last Corner Kick Bet
Similar to the first corner kick bet, this type of bet requires you to accurately predict which team will take the last corner kick in the match.
Over/Under Corner Kick Bet
In this type of bet, you need to predict the total number of corner kicks that both teams will take in the match, whether it will be over or under the bookmaker's specified odds. Choose 'over' if you think the total number of corner kicks will exceed the bookmaker's odds, and choose 'under' if you think it will be below.
Usually, bookmakers primarily offer over/under corner kick bets, so you'll often find this type of bet in the main odds list.
Corner Kick Handicap Bet
This type of bet is similar to goal handicaps. The bookmaker divides the two teams into the upper and lower handicap teams. The upper team will be handicapped by a certain number of corner kicks. You win the bet on the upper team if the difference in corner kicks between the two teams is greater than the handicap set by the bookmaker. Conversely, if the difference is smaller, the lower team wins. If the difference is exactly the same as the handicap, the bet is a push.
Timing of Corner Kick Bets
Currently, all bookmakers allow players to place corner kick bets for both the first half, second half, and the entire match. However, the result of the corner kick bet is settled when the two official halves of the match conclude.
Valid Corner Kick Scenarios for Bet Calculation
When playing corner kick bets, you need to determine which scenarios are considered valid corner kicks. Which corner kick situations are valid for handicap corner kick bets?
If a corner kick is awarded and taken, even if it's not successful, it's counted.
If a corner kick is retaken due to a foul, it's counted.
According to the regulations of football betting, corner kicks in extra time and stoppage time are not counted.

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In summary, this article has provided you with a basic guide on how to play corner kick bets. Best of luck in mastering this type of bet and achieving success!

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