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What hosting for WordPress - VPS server

This means that you really need to consider from a user's perspective, how easy is it for them to browse and buy from your Instagram page? Mistake 3 – You get fake (bought) followers – It can be frustrating when a business starts with 50 followers to try to figure out how to get to 1,000 or the basic 10,000 followers. This is why so many businesses fall into the trap of buying followers, but it's probably one of the biggest mistakes a business can make. First, any frequent Instagram user can spot a company with fake followers from a mile away. Imagine an account that has 10,000 followers but only gets 10 likes per photo. He screams "bought followers!" and in turn has a negative impact on your brand.

Also, you're not actually buying real mobile number list people to follow you. You're buying likes from fake, robot accounts that aren't real people who will ever actually buy from you. Mistake 4 - Trying to sell too pushy - Instagram is a platform where people can peek into other people's lifestyles, laugh at funny memes or be inspired by powerful messages. This is first and foremost a social platform, don't forget that. Brands can annoy their customers by being too pushy and making every post sales-oriented.

Don't make the page just to sell your product. Include photos and messages that capture your brand's voice or show fun photos of your staff. Use your imagination, but don't make every message a sales pitch. Mistake 5 – Not Using Stories Enough – When building your Instagram account, it seems like many businesses skip using Instagram Stories, even though they are a great channel to really engage your customers and gain new followers. You don't have to shoot live video. You can use photos and create text pages to create a story and use tags to make it relevant to the right channels.

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