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Well Google Search Console has another great

The point I want to get to is that your site and its content must be 100 optimized for mobile use. Now comes the question how do you know if Google considers that your site is optimized for the mobile version?feature called “Mobile Usability”. This report will tell you about the problems users experience when accessing your site through their cell phone or mobile device. error site mobile Now all you have to do is click on each of the problems that appear and Google Search.

Console will show you the pages that have the problems and how to fix them. The only thing left is to address each of the problems and that's it. Compare your CTR on desktop and mobile The performance Whatsapp Mobile Number Listreport allows you to easily compare the CTR of both versions of your site. I tell you how to do it First you must enter the performance report and click on the +New tab to add a new filter. Subsequently you have to select “Device.,h_396,al_c,q_85,enc_auto/a20c90_792e30d65ddb473d88eb61ac59b8ef2b~mv2.png

Compare dispo In this step you must click on the popup and choose Desktop vs. Mobile” and press “Apply”. By doing so you will get a list of comparative statistics between both versions. pesta dispoIt is totally normal that the CTR of both versions varies. If you see a wide difference between them it may be that your titles and descriptions are not attractive on the mobile version of your site.

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