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get up a good writer website? A: WordPress is the dominant websiteplatform by far, and I recommend using it because it has the most availabledesigners, tools, and plug-ins to help you make it look great. (I’ve also seendecent sites on SquareSpace, and recently, one on Wix). I don’t recommendwriters learn to create websites from scratch — don’t have to become a coderhere!writers struggle with

getting their websites done, I basically begged my designer Chinese Thailand Phone Number List tocreate FolioSetup (yep, that’s my affiliate link) — check it out if you’d likeready-made templates, hosting, help, and a quick solution. 6. Build yournetwork Q: This is all great — but how do I actually get freelance writingclients? A: One great way is to start building a big referral network, andletting people know what sort of writing client you want. Don’t have a network?
Build one! You can do that through in-person networking in yourtown, or virtually, through online groups such as the interest groups onLinkedIn. Q: Who do I want in my network? A: A mix of other writers, relatedservice providers such as designers, editors, and photographers, as well asprospective clients, or people who would know your prospects. Q: What do I sayat in-person networking events? A: Ask people to tell you
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