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Once the formats and frequency

have been defined, it is necessary to decide how we are going to schedule each publication. Google Calendar allows you to manage many calendars at the same time, and assign different colors to each one. We can create a calendar for each type of content that we are going to publish (blog posts, videos, infographics, etc.), or,

if we manage the content of different clients in America Cell Phone Number List a single account, have a calendar for each of them. All this will depend on our needs. Step 2: Put together the typical structure for a week The second step is to set up events for each piece of content that we must publish in a typical week.

That is, if the frequency of publication on the blog will be twice a week ⏤for example, on Tuesdays and Thursdays⏤ we will create an event for the first of those days with a generic title, such as “Blogpost” or “New post” . Why is it better to create an event, and not a task, or a reminder? Simple: events have all the functions of tasks and reminders, but also very important ones that these do not. Among them, scheduling successive notices, or inviting others to participate in the event.

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