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Digital storytelling – what is it?

According to Lambert, all stories are personal. Digital storytelling allows us to experiment with personal expression.   New technologies have brought us more opportunities and forms of communication than ever before. What's more, they are within everyone's reach.   Stories are often told in the first person, and the point of view of whoever is telling the story is a key element.

Digital storytelling is - as the name suggests - telling stories using new technologies and media. It can combine various formats such as text, images, interactive elements, videos and audio.When it comes to audio content, it can be music, voice narration, or both.Interactive elements are a key tool for influencing the recipient in digital storytelling美国电话号码表 Thanks to them, storytelling is not a one-way broadcast of messages, but becomes a much richer experience for consumers... For creators, this means increased attention and involvement , and therefore - the effectiveness of their communication.

Digital storytelling can be broadcast through digital media such as websites and blogs, social media and mobile applications. The magic of digital storytelling is thatanyone can create contentand tell their story at any time and in any situation.
it contains more or less the same elements as all narratives: there is an audience, a speaker and a plot.The axis of the latter is a conflict involving one or more heroes. When talking about digital storytelling, it is necessary to mention Joe Lambert, the pioneer of this art and founder of the project "The Digital Storytelling Workshop", which supports and strengthens the sharing of digital stories.
A dramatic question is an essential element in keeping your audience's attention. It is usually introduced in a subtle way at the beginning of the story to intrigue the audience, and is answered at the end.Creating excitement among your audience is crucial to effective storytelling.[/ img]

This is a way to reach their hearts. The best way to establish contact with your audience is to appeal to the most human feelings, such as love, loss, sensitivity, ie feelings that we have all experienced and are able to understand.

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